Leica introduces SF 60 flash unit and SF C1 remote control

Posted on by Mike Evans

The SF 60 flash unit and the C1 remote control unit have been designed to complement the Leica S, SL and M systems. They can also be used with the Q and CL. The flash offers an extensive range of options in a compact form while the remote enables off-camera flash in conjunction with the SF 60 to enhance creative opportunities. 

The flash has compact dimensions and a low weight of 300g but brings many professional features, including TTL-flash, HSS to 1/8000s, a flash-head with tilt and swivel function, a zoom reflector, an integrated diffuser and reflector card, and master/slave capability. It also offers an impressive guide number of 60 (at ISO 100). According to Leica, this makes the SF 60 an extremely powerful and versatile mobile solution for qualitatively excellent light-management in any situation. 

The SF 60 flash unit (centre) can be controlled by the SF C1 unit shown here on an M10. It works with S, SL and M cameras and can also be employed by Q and CL owners

The SF 60 also features constant LED light output adjustable in nine steps as a source of light for spontaneous video recording of subjects in low light. All settings are made with two dials and the colour LCD panel of the flash unit. 

The SF 60 is powered by four AA batteries but for longer shooting sessions it can be connected to an external Power Pack which, because of its higher capacity, enables even faster recycle times and simultaneous power supply of up to two SF units. The Power Pack can also charge USB devices such as smartphones or tablets.

The SF C1 remote control unit adds many creative options. Mounted on the hot-shoe of the camera, it enables wireless remote control of SF 60 units using the 2.4-GHz frequency band. Flash units can be organised in up to seven channels, each with three groups, and controlled either together or separately with the same or different settings. The unit also features a colour LCD panel to view or change settings. 

Both units are now available from authorised Leica UK stores and dealers. The SF 60 flash unit costs £450, including VAT, and the SF C1 remote control is £250.