Fuji XF10 mirrors the old-faithful Ricoh GR

Posted on by Mike Evans

Fuji’s new fixed-lens compact, the XF10, will appeal particularly to fans of the long-in-tooth Ricoh GR. The GR has been my standby for years. Whenever I travel, I can find a space for it in my camera bag; I see it as a backup in case the camera du jour gives up the ghost while I’m on the road. The Ricoh is the smallest APS-C prime-lens camera on the market and that’s its main attraction. It is capable of stunning results yet looks like a cheapo point-and-shoot.

Fuji addressed this market, complete with the 28mm fixed lens, with the X70 which I thought might just be the perfect street camera. The XF70 now fills the void left by the withdrawal of the X70 and has a lot going for it. It has a maximum aperture of f/2.8, just like the GR.

The first thing I checked was the size and weight. How does it compare with the GR? The Fuji measures 113 x 64 x 41mm compared with the Ricoh GR at 117 x 61 x 35. There’s not a lot in it, and from the pictures, I believe the XF10 will offer better controls, less fiddly than those on the GR. It is also competitive on price — $500 compared with around $575 for the Ricoh. Factor in the 24MP sensor (this time with a Bayer filter rather than Fuji’s signature X-Trans technology) and the XF10 seems much better value. 

The camera is also commendably light, just 280g — which is 20g lighter than Sony’s RX100 but, surprisingly, 35g heavier than the GR.

The only disappointment, from my point of view, is the lack of a hot-shoe mount to accommodate a 28mm optical viewfinder. With a 28mm lens at the normal f/5.6-f/8.0 shooting range, depth of field is very wide and there’s no need to worry about spot-on-focus in quick street shots. Set zone focus and you're ready to go. In such circumstances, an optical viewfinder does make life easier. We hope to get our hands on the new mini APS-C camera but, in the meantime, I will be keeping a close eye on in-depth reviews when they come online. 

You can find full details of the XF70 here on DPReview.