Doing the Night Shift: It's the small things that give most pleasure

Posted on by Mike Evans

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Sometimes something you have never thought of happens and gives you pleasure. Often it is a very small thing; something you never knew you needed. So it is with Night Shift, Apple's new method of saving your eyes at night. It's a tiny upgrade, something hardly worth mentioning. But it works and after only one night I am sold on it. 

Night Shift is an automatic or manual adjustment which "warms" your phone display to make it less glaring and easier on the eyes at times of rest. I always read a few chapters of a Kindle book on the iPhone 6 Plus before turning in for the night. Often I have need to turn down the brightness to avoid strain. Even though I have auto brightness enabled, it is always somehow just a touch too stressful in a darkened bedroom.

Last night I tried Night Shift. It was something new and I thought I'd give it a go. The results were astounding. Immediately, with the beigy-warmy glow I felt less stressed. My eyes were more rested and I found myself enjoying the experience. Although Night Shift can be set manually (you can make it a permanent feature of your phone if you wish) I have adopted a schedule which turns on Night Shift at 10 pm and switches it off again at 7 am. 

Brilliant. But them I am easily pleased.