Leica TL2 viewfinder solution in sight — could come later this week

Posted on by Mike Evans

There is now a strong likelihood that the Leica TL2 viewfinder problem will be solved by a firmware update rather than a recall of cameras for physical adjustment. Leica Rumors reports today that an update could be made available as early as Friday this week. This will be good news for early adopters as well as those who had ordered cameras but have been left in limbo following Leica's shock decision to stop sales. It's also good new for Macfilos because I hope that I will be able to get my hands on a press review camera, possible as early as next week. 

The EVF issue has been very unfortunate for Leica in that it overshadowed the successful launch of the TL2 and will undoubtedly have dented confidence. The confusion and uncertainty has no doubt lost the company some sales. However, a firmware fix is by far the best option and will avoid the cost of having to recall or replace cameras that had already been delivered. I'm hoping this little kerfuffle will soon be forgotten and the undoubted charms of the TL2 will continue to attract the punters. 

Leica has dealt with this problem sensibly and has shown itself able to take a firm decision, despite the financial consequences, rather than letting the uncertainly drag on for weeks.

We have now had confirmation that the firmware update will be released on Friday.