Yashica Y35 digiFilm: A pointless exercise in retroism

Posted on by Mike Evans

Whatever next. The Yashica Kickstarter project by to fund the new Y35 digiFilm camera takes the biscuit. Who, I wonder, will be interested in this contrived piece of nonsense. Whoever they are, they've put up over 1m US dollars. Amazing.

I’ll let the robot take over the description:

So now you are fully aware of the USPs of this pointless little pointer. It’s a digital camera with a rewind lever and spoof film cassettes which appear to set up the camera for different modes. The act of changing cassettes is suppose to bring back the excitement of the film era. Most cameras have a dial on the top plate to achieve the same thing.

There’s only one possibly good thing about this: The rewind lever. I’ve often thought that a rewind lever to set up the next shot could be an interesting opportunity to make us think between our masterpieces. It would also avoid inadvertent waking and random shooting should you put the camera back in the bag without switching it off.

Shades of ill-fated Epson R-D1, but that’s probably why no one else has tried it. I still think it is a good idea. The rest of the Y35 can best be described as ill-fated in its entirety. I shall not be kickstarting, even though funding appears to have reached 8.7m Hong Kong dollars. Why? The mind boggles. It is so pointless it might just succeed.

Association with a classic twin-lens reflex and a retro alarm clock will do wonders for the image

"Metal contacts for batteries house":  Hmm.... Ingenious. Who would have thought of this?